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Leadership Development

Leadership for the common good

Many executives plateau in critical interpersonal and leadership skills because as individuals advance to the executive level, development feedback becomes increasingly important, yet are more infrequent, and more unreliable. Leaders need a thought partner and sounding board to express their ideas without fear of political maneuvering and reprisal, or self censorship. The expression lonely at the top is true for executive leaders because what keeps them up at night directly affects the company and all its employees.

There is increasing evidence that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing leaders and adding to your bottom line. Executives from Fortune 1000 companies who used executive coaching reported the following benefits from the coaching they received:

53% increase in productivity
32% Increased retention
23% Cost Reduction
22% Increase on bottom line profitability

And because you have to do more with less, coaching can help you leverage your resources and quicken your lead time. Develop your leadership and your high potentials leaders faster.

Stakeholders are looking to CEO’s and Executives, not only as business leaders, but also as community and social leaders. How are you addressing the issues that confront businesses today? That's what leaders of the 21st century are going to have to ask and answer for themselves. And the companies that are going to be successful are the ones that develop leaders who are value driven, able to engage and communicate effectively with their talents, generate loyalty and camaraderie, align goals, values diversity, and create triple bottom line profits. How do you get your leaders and their teams on board to do that?

At Collective Leadership we believe that when you succeed, we succeed.  We are here to partner with you and have certified coaches who will help you to enhance your leadership skills to achieve:

  • Strategic Alignment
    • Clarity of Vision and mission
    • Everyone working in the same direction
    • Focused energy to accomplish goal
    • Self Motivated
"You will shift from managing others to managing yourself with others."
-Ronald Short, PhD
  • Effective Communication
    • Cross collaboration
    • Conflicts are diminished or resolved quicker
    • Increased flow of ideas and creativity
    • Building high-performing teams with sustained excellence
  • Sustained Accountability
    • Everyone knows their role and their part in the process
    • Everyone does their part and work gets done
    • Timely and on budget
    • Support as a team
    • Support as an organization
    • Achieve goals and objectives
    • Foundation of success to build on
  • Increased employee retention
    • Employees who feel validated are self motivated and perform better
    • Engaged in the process, job performance and results
    • Resilient to stress and change
  • Improved productivity and profitability
    • Company builds on success
    • More profit means more resources to reinvest
    • Attract higher caliber talent
    • Able to continue doing business and attracting talented leaders.

Collective Development Results Cycle

Thomas G. Crane, The Heart of Coaching


How it works – The Coaching Process
There are three informal phases of the coaching process: (I) Discovery and Design, (II) Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and (III) Measurement.  A 6-12 month timeframe is expected for the initial engagement which allows you the needed time to make progress towards your coaching goals and integrate sustainable change, although many clients choose to continue the coaching relationship thereafter. 

Discovery and Design

The discovery session is used to allow our designated coach to better understand your professional responsibilities and goals, values, strengths and specific coaching goals to increase your own effectiveness.

Assessments and 360 interviews are used as a foundation to prepare for, initiate, and coach behavioral changes.  You will have an opportunity to complete assessments such as the MBTI®, CPI 260™, TKI, Leadership Practices Inventory, or FIRO-B® all designed to assess work-related preferences, conflict management style, and leadership characteristics.  We will provide feedback of the reports in an assessment debrief session where we discuss themes, strengths, outline potential blind spots, development areas and refine the coaching goals accordingly.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Our coaches are fully committed to helping the client unleash their full potential and perform to their optimum.  Using a systemic approach, our coaches will help you discover your leadership style, communication style, and motivational currency.  With the goal of increasing personal awareness of behaviors that affect team morale and job performance, as well as skills and competencies that are needed in your current and future roles.  There will be emphasis on leadership development and skill building in the areas of feedback, change management and conflict management.

Our role is to help you discover your strengths and use them in a way to help increase your effectiveness as a business leader and achieve bottom line results.  In collaboration with HR, customize development plans are done for each of client.  Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions are done in person or by phone for a minimum period of six months to a year. This allows for integration of behavioral changes and progress toward coaching goals and objectives.


During the coaching engagement we will solicit feedback on how the process is working for you, so we can make adjustments as needed.  At the end of the contracted time, a formal evaluation will be given to measure progress against coaching goals and collaboratively determine next steps.


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