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June 11.2011
Homecoming – A constellation Workshop by the Seattle Constellations Institute, 10-6pm
June 15.2011
Race and Leadership series: Come as You Are – Shattering the Mold. Casey Family Foundation, 12 – 2pm.
June 25.2011
Aligning the Personal Vision with the Professional Goal – . Meadow Creek 9 – 4pm.
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Leadership Development at Collective Leadership Leadership Development- Leadership is increasing in value in this world. People want leadership and inspiration. Our custom development plans include assessments, executive coaching, job shadowing with 'live-action' coaching, skills building, and thought partnering to take your leadership to the next level. read more

Bob Trask, Anh Vo, and Iyanla Vanzant
Team Development- Teams were created to produce results. We focus on keeping your team nimble and flexible, and your overhead low. Organizations need a system to help leaders lead and get performance out of their teams. We transform diverse talents into dedicated high performing teams working toward common goals. Leveraging the team's strength to work on identified weaknesses we help hold the team accountable to itself and individual members.

Leadership Development at Collective LeadershipStrategic Planning- Co-create a vision with your team to foster alignment, commitment and self-motivated action. By engaging all team members in the creative process, you can execute on the vision on time and on budget. Through a facilitated process we will help you identify, clarify, and define actions that will create meaningful progress toward your stated goals.

Get Adobe Flash player Workshops & Trainings- Our workshops are designed to develop skills leaders need to achieve success. They are experiential, with a deep foundation and understanding of adult learning styles. We have a wide variety of training and workshop offerings that can be customize to your specific needs. Packages are available that include full day(s) training sessions combined with follow up coaching to provide on-going support in the integration of new skills and behaviors.

Change Management- What are your coping mechanisms for change? How is the stress of change affecting your work behavior and team effectiveness? The more self aware you are the better you can strategize on how to effectively deal with change in a positive way. We all have to navigate the different transitions of an organization's life. Better to manage it then let it manage you.

Leadership Development- It is not enough to have technical skills alone, or self awareness, or relational awareness. It's the combination of technical skills, self awareness, self management, and relational awareness and management that will lead to taking your leadership to the next level.

Conflict Resolution- Maintaining a healthy work environment where creativity, positivity, accountability, and personal and professional growth is a core value for most organizations. When conflicts arise in the workplace, it is definitely a costly distraction that impacts everyone and your bottom line results. Our objective is to develop participants' capacity to resolve conflict, identify interpersonal gaps, disentangle intentions from impact, and achieve mutual understanding. Decrease the distractions and increase work productivity.

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