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Leadership Development at Collective Leadership Leadership Development- Leadership is increasing in value in this world. People want leadership and inspiration. Our custom development plans include assessments, executive coaching, job shadowing with 'live-action' coaching, skills building, and thought partnering to take your leadership to the next level. read more

Bob Trask, Anh Vo, and Iyanla Vanzant
Team Development- Teams were created to produce results. We focus on keeping your team nimble and flexible, and your overhead low. Organizations need a system to help leaders lead and get performance out of their teams. We transform diverse talents into dedicated high performing teams working toward common goals. Leveraging the team's strength to work on identified weaknesses we help hold the team accountable to itself and individual members.

Leadership Development at Collective LeadershipStrategic Planning- Co-create a vision with your team to foster alignment, commitment and self-motivated action. By engaging all team members in the creative process, you can execute on the vision on time and on budget. Through a facilitated process we will help you identify, clarify, and define actions that will create meaningful progress toward your stated goals.

Get Adobe Flash player Workshops & Trainings- Our workshops are designed to develop skills leaders need to achieve success. They are experiential, with a deep foundation and understanding of adult learning styles. We have a wide variety of training and workshop offerings that can be customize to your specific needs. Packages are available that include full day(s) training sessions combined with follow up coaching to provide on-going support in the integration of new skills and behaviors.

Change Management- What are your coping mechanisms for change? How is the stress of change affecting your work behavior and team effectiveness? The more self aware you are the better you can strategize on how to effectively deal with change in a positive way. We all have to navigate the different transitions of an organization's life. Better to manage it then let it manage you.

Leadership Development- It is not enough to have technical skills alone, or self awareness, or relational awareness. It's the combination of technical skills, self awareness, self management, and relational awareness and management that will lead to taking your leadership to the next level.

Conflict Resolution- Maintaining a healthy work environment where creativity, positivity, accountability, and personal and professional growth is a core value for most organizations. When conflicts arise in the workplace, it is definitely a costly distraction that impacts everyone and your bottom line results. Our objective is to develop participants' capacity to resolve conflict, identify interpersonal gaps, disentangle intentions from impact, and achieve mutual understanding. Decrease the distractions and increase work productivity.

Inclusive leadership- Cultural Competence has moved from being a hot topic into a critical element of a successful organization. Leaders are aware of the needs and challenges of setting realistic goals in creating a more inclusive environment. Organizational membership requires a certain amount of cultural intelligence and competency in order to do a job well and create an environment of inclusion. Collective Leadership's unique value proposition is we have a client focus perspective which invites collaborative solutions that allow key stakeholders ownership and accountability. It is not just one group's responsibility to start, continue, and repeatedly invite people to have conversations about diversity; rather it's everyones responsibility to be part of the conversation and solutions. Conversely, It's not just up to the authorized leader to model inclusive behaviors. We all have a role in creating the organizational culture and environment that we want. This training will provide practical tools to create an inclusive work environment.

Where our approach differ from other D&I trainings is our perspective in presenting the information. It is not presented in a format that is divisive or with a confrontational stance of "we" versus "they", or "victim" versus "perpetrators". We are in it together and must come together to find a solution. There is acknowledgement and expectation there will be different solutions for different organizational systems.

Facilitating Racial Dialogues- Exploring what a successful conversation looks like so that internal change agents can incorporate and replicate in their own organizations. This workshop will provide the opportunity to learn different tools and skills that participants can use to set up the environment to hold their own racial conversations.

Conflict Management- In this workshop we will identify conflict management behavioral styles to help de-escalate situations and invite understanding. Discuss how to recognize communications gaps to ensure everyone is heard and understood so that intent and impact are congruent. We will also go over an easy to follow feedback model that will help participants to share observations of behaviors and its' impact, alleviates defensiveness, and de-escalate conflict while allowing all parties to be accountable for their actions.

Since we all encounter some type of conflict in our work life; it's important to learn the different conflict management styles, the pros and cons of each style, and more importantly, how to approach others when in conflict. What are the tools and words to use that will help you to resolve the conflicts and potential triggers that will shut the conversation down. We will identify strategies and approaches, ways to communicate, and how to use feedback to help navigate conflict resolution.

Thoughts to Purpose - Vision Boarding- You CAN have whatever you envision! Creating a Vision Board is a powerful tool to take action toward your desires. It helps you focus on your personal goals, and most importantly, practice the belief that your dreams are yours for the asking. Vision Boards have proven to be a very powerful tool to create success in my life, and the lives of my clients.

You can use this vision board workshop to improve your health, wealth, relationships (or lack of) by focusing your energies on putting into words and pictures what you want to create in your life. Learn to apply the principles behind vision boards, and utilize simple focus techniques to ensure you manifest your desires.
All materials and supplies will be provided; however you are welcome to bring your favorite magazines, pictures, scissors, tokens that inspire and most of all a creative spirit.

Mentor Coaching- You know the saying for top executives "it's lonely at the top", well the same can be said for the coaches that coach them. As experienced coaches already working in the field, you know that we don't often get a chance to receive constructive developmental feedback on our coaching. One of the most valuable aspects of the group mentor coaching course is the feedback that you will receive from peers, the mentor coach, and seasoned credentialed coaches. Imagine, not only will you be able to hone your skills during the course, you will be able to add to your coaching toolbox. There are lots of opportunities to benefit and contribute to shared wisdom and best practices within the group; give and receive feedback that continues long after the course ends because you will have developed deep connections with your fellow coaches. This program is an excellent way to bring your signature presence while practicing new techniques. You will be able to do this in the learning lab environment of the 7 hours of group mentor coaching, 3 hours of individual mentor coaching, and 3 peer triad field work sessions; all of which fulfills the ICF requirements for mentor coaching. This group is limited to 8 participants.

Developing your Signature Leadership Brand- Women now head some of the largest corporations in the US, yet women still lag behind men in advancement, compensation, and leadership recognition. Women still face challenges in moving to senior positions in corporations. How women speak about their leadership differs from men and there is a leadership perception bias, where the same attribute is assigned positively to men but negatively to women. We as women leaders need to define our executive presence - our leadership signature brand. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to create your 30-second branding message. One that leverages your unique strengths, style, impact, and ability to drive business outcomes. It's hard to be promoted if senior leadership doesn't know what you are capable of. Connect the dots and tell your story in a succinct branding message to achieve the advancement and leadership position that you have worked hard for.

Powerful Feedback- Feedback is one of the most powerful tools we have for creating high performance, goal alignment, and developing a career path. So why isn't it used every day? Why wait until review time to give and receive feedback? In this workshop we will go over an easy to follow feedback model that will help you give candid insights to peers, direct reports, and higher-ups. Using this model alleviates the need to be defensive and allows for all parties to be accountable for their actions. This workshop will take the sting out of giving and receiving feedback.

Rank and Privilege- It is said that we only recognize the privilege we don't have. Conversely, the more of it we have the less we realize how it can affect others negatively. How do race, gender, class, and other factors effect rank and privilege? Join in this workshop to discover how our biases can influence our perceptions, judgments and behaviors.

Code Switching- Code switching is used to announce a specific identity by creating certain intentional meanings only other members understand. We will be exploring topic questions such as "is there such a thing as authentic code-switching?" and "if we are to have an inclusive perspective, do we accept code switching? Or stop code switching?

Cover Terms- Cover terms are used by organizations to identify some important aspect of organizational life. It's use impacts availability and accessibility to privileges reflected by one's knowledge and usage to show “membership". Cover terms are an easy vehicle to hide (unintentional) personal bias. This workshop will help you uncover your organization's secret language, see how you can incorporate this concept to on-boarding programs, mentorship programs, and succession planning.

Micro-inequities- When you speak, all of you speaks - your micro-messages reveal your core feelings. The truth is the subtle message is the real message. Have you ever experienced or witnessed subtle slights and snubs and the explanation for it is that person on the receiving end is too sensitive, or paranoid? That is an example of micro-inequities. It happens all the time and impacts employee morale and engagement. Come to this workshop to find out how to address it in your organization.

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